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In order to load your Yii Project into TextWrangler editor:

  • Open your terminal.
  • Browse to the root directory of your Yii project and type:

Yii Framework

The TextMate way:

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For this post I am not going to tell you things about code and techno. but I want to share my point of view about the Kony 2012 BUZzZz.

I will start by saying “God bless America” .. The protectors of peace and defender of humain rights every where any where .. blahblah.

Don’t you think it is always the same American stories .. Don’t you think that America is just wearing its Angel Mask to hide the evil face of capitalism and Marxism ?

I think they just want to bring Rambo from Hollywood back to reality .. They have just replaced Vietnam by Uganda.

This is nothing more than the American invasion of Africa!

I am not satanizing America but: Iraqi, Afganistan, Iran, Vietnam … etc all of them are paying cash.

I don’t think that Kony is a valid reason that will push America to send its Army .. However, after exploring some resources over the Web .. I think that there is enough mineral reserves starting by Oil that can stimulate the american hanger.

Some videos dealing with the Scam behind KONEY 2012:

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I am not a big fan of python. However I need to run up a Django project for testing.
I found a nice step-by-step tutorial (written by Brent O’Connor) to install the whole environment: python, mysql connector, Django .. etc

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You may have faced a such a error, when trying to execute gem list :

To solve this issue, move to the zlib/ folder, it should be something like this /usr/src/ruby-1.8.6-pXXX/ext/zlib/

execute the extconf.rb :

If every things are ok, you should see:

compile and deploy zlib by runnning both commands:

Make sure gem command is woking:

You should see:

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I met the following error when trying to launch an Android project using eclipse:

After googling I found those useful steps to make it running properly:

1. install getlibs from

2. open terminal and go to your android folder and then platforms/android-1.6/tools

3. run this command from terminal getlibs aapt


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Copy and paste the following commands into your terminal:

Verify your java version:

Done :)

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All you need is to install the missing pear package:

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The Juggernaut plugin for Ruby on Rails aims to revolutionize your Rails app by letting the server initiate a connection and push data to the client. In other words your app can have a real time connection to the server with the advantage of instant updates. Although the obvious use of this is for chat, the most exciting prospect is collaborative cms and wikis.